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The Les Quis Complex

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Carp Fishing in France

We were the first to recognize that anglers from the UK wanted to fish for the size of fish rarely available in England, but were put off by the many drawbacks involved in fishing a foreign country. So we‘ve developed the fishery, the fish and the facilities to give you the very best of both worlds. It‘s Carp fishing in France at its best, without the hassle of night fishing bans, acres of mud and the gun toting guard de peche. Free Wifi in the Lodge
Available in the Lodge

The Complex

The complex consists of 4 lakes with a ground space of over 70 acres with a lodge centrally located.

The Old
Covering approx. 10 acres

The Elf
Covering approx. 9 acres

The Long
Covering approx. 14 acres

The Bay
Covering approx. 14 acres

The 4 lakes themselves are all well established gravel pits which have been allowed to mature naturally. Most swims are enclosed by lush vegetation and the lakes‘ margins are lined with mature trees and bushes - perfect for the carp. In fact we‘ve spent endless hours watching carp to over 60lbs browsing at our feet! The lakes are large enough to allow quiet, uninterrupted fishing without being too large to put the fish out of range. Indeed, standard ‘English‘ tackle is perfectly adequate for the Les Quis Complex, but be prepared for the fight of a lifetime, the Les Quis residents are renowned for their incredible fighting abilities, so be prepared for the best Carp Fishing in France!!

The lake beds are made up of a mixture of sand, gravel and thin silt. It is a combination that makes the complex incredibly rich in natural food, which alongside the anglers bait maintains and nourishes the high level of stock. It is a balance that promotes phenomenal growth rates whilst ensuring the carp are still competing for their food, or to put it another way - very catchable!